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R. Max Lohman appointed to Florida League of Cities Land Use & Economic Development Committee.

R. Max Lohman has been appointed to the Florida League of Cities Land Use & Economic Development Committee. This committee addresses policies specific to municipal concerns with community redevelopment, economic development, growth management and land use planning issues, annexation, eminent domain, tort liability and property rights.

Congratulations to Max for being appointed to this very important committee for the second time.

City of Palm Beach Gardens prevails in Charter Amendment challenge brought by Sid Dinerstein.

In a legal battle to protect and defend the will of the City's voters R. Max Lohman successfully defended Ballot Question No. 3 from the March 2018 city-wide referendum. Ballot Question No. 3 provides that term limited City Council members must observe a one-term hiatus prior to being elected again. Dinerstein alleged that the subject ballot question was misleading and "flew under false colors." The City originally prevailed at trial, but Dinerstein appealed to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Just two days after oral  argument the 4th DCA issued a Per Curiam Affirmed opinion, ruling in favor of the City.





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