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To provide creative and professional solutions to the complex issues that confront public officials and local governments.  Like the public officials and local governments that we represent, we take great pride in working directly for our communities and have therefore established our law firm to provide a legal resource that is committed to the interests of the public sector.


The firm represents local governments, such as cities, villages, counties and related local taxing districts.  Our attorneys have served as the appointed Municipal Attorney for several municipalities throughout Palm Beach County.  Attorneys in the firm have also served as general counsel to public-oriented organizations such as the Palm Beach County League of Cities.

Lohman Law Group, P.A. was established to meet the important need for expansive, comprehensive legal resources from a single law firm that represents only the interests of local governments, while providing the legal experience and resources of much larger firms that often represent clients with interests that conflict with those of the public sector.  The firm also provides training and resources for elected and appointed officials, as well as municipal employees, through seminars, drafting and publishing educational materials, and individual training programs.

Our firm represents local governments in nearly every area of municipal law.

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