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Lohman Law Group


At Lohman Law Group, P.A., we are able to bring a diverse wealth of knowledge to the challenges you may be facing. We understand the big picture, the objectives of our clients and how to achieve those objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We strive to provide honest and candid counsel to our clients. We have effectively represented governments, the public, and corporations around Florida in municipal matters and are able to provide creative, strategic solutions to complex issues. 


The firm provides a complete legal resource to local governments, public interest, and private clients, including representation and consulting in the following areas:


•  Administrative Law

•  Annexation

•  Budget & Fiscal Management

•  Code Enforcement & Municipal Foreclosures

•  Condemnation & Right-of-Way Acquisitions

•  Contract Drafting & Interpretation

•  Economic Development

•  Elections Law & Voting Rights 

•  Eminent Domain

•  Ethics & Professional Conduct

•  Home-Rule, Charters & Charter Amendments

•  Interlocal Agreements and Intergovernmental  


•  Land Use & Comprehensive Planning

•  Legislative Consulting & Drafting

•  Litigation

•  Open Meetings (Sunshine Law) & Open Records

•  Ordinances, Resolutions & Administrative Policies

•  Police & Fire Department Advisors

•  Procurement & Construction Projects

•  Real Estate Law & Transactions

•  Staff Training & Education

•  Taxation

•  Utility & Telecommunications

•  Water, Wastewater & the Environment

•  Zoning Law

Specific services provided by Lohman Law Group, P.A.  include preparing and reviewing:


•  Building Permits & Building Code Compliance Instruments
•  Contracts & Interlocal Agreements
•  Election Orders & Notices
•  Handbooks, Policy Manuals & Administrative Procedures
•  Home-Rule Charters & Charter Amendments
•  Leases, Deeds and Real Estate Instruments
•  Ordinances, Resolutions & Administrative Orders
•  Pleadings before Trial and Appellate courts
•  Pleadings before the U.S. Tax Court

Municipal Law


•  Zoning, land use and code drafting
•  Public official training and seminars
•  Municipal bonds and taxation
•  Local government litigation
•  Election Law litigation
•  Charter Amendment litigation
•  Redevelopment and project financing
•  General municipal representation
•  Telecommunications, cable and utility rights-of-way
•  Specialized ordinance drafting
•  Property development
•  Eminent Domain prosecution
•  Property acquisition
•  Submissions at municipal hearings and counsel meetings
•  Regulation interpretation and application
•  Agreement drafting and negotiation
•  Assist with permits and policies
•  Statutory interpretation 
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