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Lohman Law Group, P.A.


The field of municipal law continues to become increasingly complex and the demand for attorneys who have the experience, professionalism, and knowledge necessary to represent local governments has never been greater.  Lohman Law Group, P.A. was established to fill this ever growing need for expansive, comprehensive legal representation from a single law firm that represents only the interests of local governments, while providing the legal experience and resources of much larger firms that often represent clients whose interests conflict with those of the public sector.  Located at 500 S. Australian Avenue in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida we are dedicated to serving Florida municipalities, counties, special taxing districts and other local public sector interests.


Due to budgetary constraints “in-house” legal representation is simply not a feasible option, for many small to medium sized local governments.  We strive to provide an “in-house” legal department experience at a cost that makes economic sense and represents a real value to our clients.  We also serve as special counsel to larger cities that have capable staff attorneys who require specialized assistance on particular projects. 


At Lohman Law Group, P.A., we concentrate our practice in the area of City, County and Local Government Law.  We possess extensive experience providing legal counsel to public entities relating to municipal finance, land use and zoning issues, election law (charter amendments, referendums, and their associated legal challenges) telecommunications and cable, contracting and procurement, code enforcement and building code issues, eminent domain, community redevelopment, sunshine law and public records issues, drafting ordinances and resolutions, and on-going general counsel services.  We are also experienced in handling litigation and appeals that may arise from any of these issues.  All of the firm's attorneys work exclusively within the firm's local government practice. 


Lohman Law Group, P.A., is distinguished not only by our public sector focus, but also by our involvement providing continuing education and training for public officials.  We routinely conduct seminars and training for public officials and various municipal/governmental professional associations in the areas of public official liability, the sunshine law, public records law and general board and commission orientations.  



Experienced in a wide range of legal issues, our attorneys choose to practice at Lohman Law Group, P.A., because it affords them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people and organizations that comprise our community.  Each of them is fully committed to the long-term client relationships and team atmosphere that is the cornerstone of our firm. No matter what the issue we stay focused on efficient and effective legal service with your best interests at heart.


Lohman Law Group, P.A.
 N. Flagler Drive

Suite 350
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


R. Max Lohman, Jr.

Jeffery P. Jones

Legal Services

•  Administrative Law

•  Annexation

•  Budget & Fiscal Management

•  Code Enforcement & Municipal 


•  Condemnation & Right-of-Way


•  Contract Drafting & Interpretation

•  Economic Development

•  Elections & Voting Rights​​

•  Ethics & Professional Conduct

•  Home-Rule, Charters & Charter 


•  Interlocal Agreements and

   Intergovernmental Coordination

•  Land Use & Comprehensive


•  Legislative Consulting & Drafting

•  Open Meetings (Sunshine Law) &

   Open Records

•  Drafting Ordinances, Resolutions &

   Administrative Policies

•  Police & Fire Department Advisors

•  Procurement & Construction


•  Real Estate Law & Transactions

•  Staff Training & Education

•  Taxation

•  Utility & Telecommunications

•  Water, Wastewater & the


•  Zoning Law






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