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Land Use


Permitting and Development

We represent residential, industrial, and commercial developments throughout the West and work regularly with the agencies and local jurisdictions involved in approving development requests. We are well-versed in obtaining local land use permits and the other related state and federal permits and approvals necessary to successfully develop real property, including those required by the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act.


Land Use Dispute Resolution

Although we emphasize communication and negotiation in resolving conflicts, litigation is sometimes the only practical means of protecting our clients' interests. We possess the legal and technical experience necessary to manage land use cases skillfully and cost-effectively. We recognize that many cases will ultimately be resolved before administrative bodies and the court system, and we strategize accordingly. This helps our clients prevail at the local level (before planning commissions, city councils, and county boards) and on appeal before administrative bodies or the courts.


Strategic Planning

Many businesses have ongoing land use needs. Our Land Use Team helps clients develop a vision so that facilities can be planned with a view to the future. Through creative planning, we help clients find long-term solutions that keep their businesses viable and expanding.



A careful review of land use issues (both real and potential) is an essential step in the purchase or sale of businesses and real property, as well as in leasing and financing transactions. Our experience enables us to identify land use issues at an early stage in transactions, and to help protect clients from unanticipated costs and risks. Whenever possible, we develop innovative solutions to land use problems that otherwise could frustrate business transactions.


Municipal Law

We are frequently retained by local governments and special purpose districts to represent them in controversial and complex land use matters, including litigation. Several team members have served as municipal or county attorneys before entering private practice, or have been voluntary members of planning commissions and other governmental bodies. Their detailed understanding of the process benefits our municipal clients.


Consultant Services

Successful land use projects are collaborative projects. We view ourselves as part of an interdisciplinary team organized to achieve our clients' objectives. We maintain contacts with consultants that can provide services to clients needing land use assistance, including transportation engineers, environmental and wetlands consultants, architects, and land use planners. We coordinate consultant services to give our clients a comprehensive approach to land use matters.


Governmental Contacts

Clear communication with decision makers is critical to influencing the decision-making process. Members of the Stoel Rives Land Use Team maintain contacts with local government officials and staff to facilitate communications during the permitting process.


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